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5 Essential Items To Bring To Your Surf Lesson

A lot of people ask if they need to bring anything to their lesson, or turn up slightly underprepared. We’ve compiled a list of handy items to make sure you have everything you need for a successful lesson!


A lot of the time you’ll be lying face down on your board waiting for a wave. The backs of the legs are a common area for many people to get badly burnt, and you may need to take a break from surfing and being in the sun if it is very bad. Yoga leggings or running leggings are great to prevent this, and flexible enough for you to surf with ease.

2. Zinc

Invest in some zinc sunscreen. Zinc Oxide acts as a natural sun protection, and you can apply it like war paint to any areas that are particularly exposed and prone to burning (think nose, cheeks, lips, and backs of legs).

3Water flask

To help us combat the use of single use plastics, buy a thermos from the local Alpha mart and re-fill in your hotel before you head out for the day. Staying hydrated is important and prevents against heat/sun stroke.

4. Towel / Sarong

We're fairly sure you may want to dry off afterwards!

5. Contact lenses

If you are short - sighted, we recommend bringing daily lenses for your surf lesson that you can throw away afterwards to prevent any bacteria build up.

We provide everything else - your boards, wax, rash guard and photography!

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