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5 Top Surf Spots in Lombok

The surf spots in Lombok are second to none, with a great number of uncrowded waves for people of all levels to enjoy. Here are just a few of them!


Selong Belanak

The start of your surfing journey! 30 minutes West of Kuta you’ll find this baby beach break which is perfect for learning and works pretty much all year round. Spend a day or two here practising how to stand up and paddle. The beach is lined with warungs and a great choice for a mixed group of surfers/non surfers who may just want to chill and swim.

Sasak Soul Surf Lesson Lombok



Located only around the corner from Selong but a vast difference in break. This is a fast and powerful left hand reef break (with a shorter right hander). Currents are strong and reef is sharp, so avoid low tide and ensure you are a confident swimmer. It is fairly consistent but best in dry season with off shore Easterly winds. You can just paddle out from the beach for this one.

Surf Spot Lombok Mawi








Are Guling

A bit closer to home - just 15 minutes West of Kuta, this reef break offers a strong right hander, but it works best in the wet season with off shore Northerly winds. Mid to High tide. It is possible to paddle from the beach, or grab a quick boat. It’s powerful and barrelling, and currents can be strong.

Surf Spot Lombok Are Guling



You’ll find this break 15 minutes East of Kuta, and well loved by the local surf community. This is another reef break, accessible straight from the beach, a right hander and a frequent left also. It works best with calm winds, morning/evening as it is quite an exposed spot. Again, at low tide you’ll soon discover the sharp reef and sea urchins beneath you! Stick around for sunset where the small hill becomes a meeting point for locals and expats enjoying a beer together.

Surf Spot Lombok Seger



Located in a fishing village 25 mins from Kuta, Gerupuk is home to 3 consistent reef breaks that are suitable for most levels, there’s a reason why this spot is often crowded! You’ll need a boat to access these spots which are readily available as you enter the village.

You’ll find DonDons, a peak wave over a grassy reef. It needs a medium swell but it offers a long mellow ride, perfect for beginners and intermediates. Insides is another fairly mellow one, right hander, almost always working and can get big on a large swell. Outside right is a fast peak better on smaller swell and high tide, it is more of an advanced spot.

Surf Spot Lombok Gerupuk


There’s a heap of other spots around, including our own secret secret spots! So get in touch if you have any questions or need some advice on the area!




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