Our Top Beaches in South Lombok

The south coast of Lombok is renowned for it’s beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal waters, and lack of crowds. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that you should definitely visit. Base yourself in Kuta, hire a scooter or a driver from your homestay and spend a day or two enjoying these secluded spots.

Note: It is very usual (even for locals) to pay a 10,000 rupiah parking fee to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Sundays tend to be a day off for many Lombok locals, and they usually head to the beaches, so those days will be busier and you may be asked for numerous photos!

Tanjung Aan

This giant bay is found 20 minutes East of Kuta and is quite the gem. Calm waters provide an excellent spot for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. The beach is home to the infamous Warung Turtle, a little family run bamboo shack serving local food, coconuts, and ice cold bintang. Buy something and you will get the use of the berugaks or sun loungers and (local!) toilet for free. Wander further up the bay and you are likely to find a spot of beach all to yourself. Enjoy this beauty whilst it lasts, there are big plans for development on this particular bay, and will likely be the home of a large resort in years to come.

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Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok


Selong Belanak

Fancy learning to surf? This is the perfect place for you. 30 mins West of Kuta you will find this beauty. The beach front is now lined with small warungs and sun loungers, all selling similar food and drinks, so you can take your pick and settle in for the day. Sun loungers will cost 50k for the day. At the far end of the beach is Laut Biru, a more upmarket beachside restaurant selling a wide range of food and drink, included imported alcohol. Selong is the home to a constant beach break, and it’s small rolling waves make it perfect for beginners. It’s also perfect for groups that have differing interests, if one person likes to stay active and another wants to bake in the sun - Selong is the spot for you! Toilets are located in a block by the parking area - you will need to pay 5,000 rupiah to go. 

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Selong Belanak Beach Lombok


Located just 10 minutes East of Kuta, this is not so much a swimming beach due to the sharp reef and urchins, but frequented by locals who love to surf the left and right handers. It is still very underdeveloped, just a couple of warungs and a local toilet block, but it can be awesome to watch the surfers for an hour before heading up the small hill to watch sunset over Kuta bay with a bintang in hand. Seger plays a special part in Lombok history, as the place where the Princess Mandalika allegedly threw herself off a cliff as an outcry to the violent contest to be held for her hand in marriage, only to return as a million sea worms - now celebrated by the annual Bau Nyale festival.

Surf Camp Kuta Lombok Sasak Soul

Seger Beach Lombok

Pink Beach

This beach will take a full day trip to reach (and a decent car - the last hour of road is barely there anymore), but you'll be treated to a quiet beach and wonderful snorkelling. A few warungs will sell basic meals such as mie goreng. Stay for sunset and you'll be able to witness the beautiful pink hues of the sand. An alternative to the bumpy 2-3 hour drive is to take a boat from the fishing harbour Tanjung Luar, only an hour or so from Kuta. The boat will take you to various snorkel spots, before docking at Pink beach for lunch, and returning back to the harbour at the end of the day.

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Pink Beach, Lombok

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