Environmental and Community Policies

Our Environmental Policy and Community Projects

In today’s world it is getting harder and harder to ignore the strain that us humans are having on the environment. Global warming, animals found full of plastic, species dying off. We strongly believe that everyone should be responsible for their own actions and do their bit to help care for our planet. Sasak Soul has put in place some policies and rules to ensure that we are reducing our impact on our beautiful island and planet.

The Environment

  1. Created Zero Waste Lombok - A sister company that provides zero waste and environmentally friendly products to travellers and the expat community, available in our store or delivery around Lombok. At the moment they offer primarily hygiene products, but will be expanding to provide cleaning and food products in bulk. You can follow them on Facebook.
  2. Beach clean-ups - We support and get involved in community beach clean-ups wherever possible. During every surf lesson we spend time doing a ‘2 minute beach clean’ to encourage everyone to do a little for our local beaches. And we most certainly do not litter! We dispose of all of our rubbish responsibly, using the sponsored green bins you will find around Kuta town.
  3. Reducing the use of plastics - We use re-usable bags, and have created our own ’Sasak Soul’ tote - perfect for the beach or shopping. Our teachers take out their re-usable water bottles every day instead of using plastic. You can also refill your own bottle at our shop for free if you're a customer, or for just 2000 rupiah per litre. You can find other refill stations here. https://refillmybottle.com
  4. Conserving the natural environment - We discourage taking anything from our beaches or forests - shells, sand etc. We ensure that our tours do not involve the harassment or endangering of wildlife, and that our snorkelling tours do not disrupt or damage coral reefs. We also only ever take small groups of 8 and under, meaning we can control and reduce our impact. Furthermore we use reef safe suncreams and board wax.

The Community

  1. Sasak Soul is a grassroots local business. All our staff are local to Lombok, even Kuta. The money they make helps their families, communities and goes directly back into the local economy. (It also helps with making our tours extra unique, giving you a genuine experience) Our partners in accommodation and tours are also locally owned.
  2. We make regular donations to local charities - Endri Foundation, who link sick and disabled people up to funds and treatment, and Kuta Lombok Dogs - a charity that help sick and injured street dogs and who run a sterilisation program to reduce the canine population of Kuta, ensuring the health and happiness of remaining dogs.
  3. We have just helped to launch first aid courses for the local Kuta community. We believe it is incredibly important for everyone to have these life saving skills, particularly in areas that don't have easy access to good quality care.

Sasak Soul are always looking at new ways to help our community and our planet, and this will always be at the forefront of our business.

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