Kuta Lombok Surf School

Looking for a Surf school in Kuta Lombok to help you explore the world class surf of our island? Sasak Soul have got you covered! We offer a variety of surf lessons and surf camps to suit all surf levels from beginners to experienced surfers.

Everybody is different when it comes to surfing, and our surf school doesn't offer a 'one size fits all' surf package. We will work with you to build a totally unique experience that is personal to you and your interests. If you just fancy a one off lesson, or a longer more intensive experience, we can provide it with our team of professional local surf instructors. Below is just an example of what we can offer. Contact us for further details and read our reviews on Trip Advisor.

Why Choose us as your surf school in Lombok?

  • Our head coach Sandy is ASI trained in beginner and intermediate surf instructing, surf rescue and first aid! This is an internationally recognised qualification! And the only local in Kuta to have this.
  • Our company is 100% local - everything is going back into the local economy, as well as having local knowledge like no others.
  • We are a social enterprise, providing free surf lessons to disabled children and to local schools. We have also launched Zero Waste Lombok - an initiative providing plastic free alternatives to every day products such as toiletries and cleaning products.
  • We hold our values strongly - we respect each other, our students, and the environment. This comes above all else.
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"Surfing with the Best"

I booked a surf lesson last minute with Sasak Soul surf and they were more than accommodating. I have surfed before and like to do lesson when i am in a new country. Sandy, tony and edie made for a super fun lesson and are very entertaining (good english). They are great with beginners and aim to help everyone improve their skill level - everyone in our class was standing within 20 minutes. They gave a nice safety instruction at the start too and seem keen to keep everyone in one piece while having a good time. The surf instructor ratio was 2 students to each instructor which was perfect. The surf school has a chilled out lombok vibe but gets the job done and they are great with local advice. They also are eco friendly with the zinc provided being reef safe which was a nice touch.