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Lombok Weather

Lombok Weather

Worried about the weather in Lombok? Indonesia has 2 distinct seasons, wet and dry. We're here to give you a bit of information about both, so that you can decide when is best to plan your trip!

Ultimately though, no matter what your weather forecast is telling you, ignore it, it is almost impossible to predict, and, in Lombok for sure, weather changes every 5 minutes! It could be beautiful clear skies in Kuta, and pouring it down just 10 minutes away!

Don't let the rain scare you away from visiting this beautiful island!

Dry Season in Lombok

This generally runs from May through to End of October. The trade winds pick up from the South East, and humidity drops, it can even get pretty chilly in the evenings! You'll rarely get a rainy day, so it's a perfect time for the sun chasers as well as kite surfing, diving and snorkelling.

The conditions are not quite as favourable for the hard core surfers and a few of the popular breaks won't work during this time, but breaks like Mawi are usually firing, and the beginner and intermediate breaks of Selong and Gerupuk are still suitable for those hoping to learn new skills.

'High Season' is at it's peak in July and August, during European Summer holidays, when room prices are generally more expensive, however, with the speedy development of Kuta, there is becoming less of a distinction between high and low, as popularity grows.


Wet Season in Lombok

Towards the end of October to November, the odd shower will start, and the heat and humidity will rise - you'll be thankful to have an AC room for sure! Generally rainfall is heaviest in January and February, although even then, in South Lombok, you may just experience a few hours in the afternoon or over night. It tends to pass over the coast.

The surf during this time is actually at it's best! The winds switch opening up a variety of breaks such as Seger and Areguling, and giving glassy waves. It is a popular time for seasoned surfers to hit up the area, away from the crowds of the high season and taking advantage of low season prices.

The brown and dry landscape will rapidly turn into a green and lush wonderland providing picture perfect backdrops.


Tips to Prepare for Wet Weather

  • Always carry a poncho underneath your scooter seat! You can buy these in local stores and will be a lifesaver if you're caught in a shower! Just go slowly!
  • Surfing is always possible, we don't let rain stop us, however, if you notice thunder and lightning, get out of the water immediately.
  • Plan your trips for early morning, as it is more common for showers in the afternoon.
  • Mosquitoes are a lot more common as the humidity rises, whilst Malaria is not an issue on mainland Lombok, Dengue is around, and there is no vaccine. Bring strong Deet repellant, and cover up during sunset. You can purchase coils and sprays from almost every Alfamart and Minimart. If you suspect Dengue (high fever, muscle pain, and pain behind eyes) Go to a local clinic immediately as you may need an infuse to keep your platelet count up.
  • Keep up to date with delivery services if you are stuck inside! For food options in Kuta, check out Going, Going, Goreng, Facebook Page.


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