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Starting out surfing can be daunting. Watching those waves rolling in, surfers getting wiped out, bashed by a board, a fin, the reef. Doesn’t sound inviting does it?!

Well, whilst everyone of course should be cautious and respect the oceans power, we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started and become more confident in the water!


  1. Don’t go it alone!

Of course you’d expect a surf camp to say this! But in all seriousness, it’s always a good idea to get a local teacher for at least a couple of lessons. They will teach you the basics, how to stay safe and handle the board, and also give the lowdown on local spots - you need to know things like how the currents work and the best place to enter the water.


2. Go big!

No we don't mean the waves! Don’t be tempted to jump on a little short board straight away. A nice big soft top isn’t the sexiest but it’ll help you develop your skills and catch way more waves. Slowly reduce the size as your skills and balance improve.


3. Watch and Learn

Before you run in, grab a coffee and take 15 mins to watch the waves, how they break, how often, how big the sets are. Watch other  experienced surfers and their technique. Beginner or Experienced, you should always do this!


4. Stay Balanced

When you catch a wave, bend the knees low and keep focused on something still ahead of you. This will improve your balance greatly!


5. Don’t Panic

You’ll fall. Everyone falls. It’s important not to panic. If you feel yourself go, try to flop on your side with your head covered. This will prevent injury to your feet and head. Take some time to relax and recover if you need to, but try not to let it bother you - it’s all part of the game!


6. Practise makes Perfect

Yoga moves are really handy to do at home - it keeps you flexible and improves your balance. Even if it's flat, get out in the water and go swimming to help with your paddling.


7. Have fun!

It’s important to keep smiling and stay positive! Everyone has good days and bad days, but when it’s good - it’s amazing!!

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