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Surf School Lombok

Sasak Soul is a family run surf school in Lombok, owned by local Sandy and his team of professional instructors. They possess a great deal of love and passion for Lombok and wish to share it with the world. Sasak Soul offers surfing lessons, camps and personalised tours around the island, and because of their unique local knowledge, no surf lesson or camp is ever the same, they'll provide insights and experiences you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Born and raised in the fishing village of Kuta, Sandy learnt to surf at the age of 6 using a plank of wood. 20 years on he knows the best surf spots on the island and is one of the best teachers around. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a pro in search of some serious waves he can adapt his lessons and guiding around you to give you a completely personal experience. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll even show you some secret spots!

Combining outstanding local knowledge, and passion for Lombok, Sasak Soul can create the ultimate authentic experience, whilst maintaining and growing our relationships with locals, and ensuring all our practises are carried out with respect to them, their culture, and to the environment.

We live Lombok. We love Lombok. We are Sasak Soul.

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Owner of Sasak Soul Surf School Lombok
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